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Your vehicle can be thought of as similar to a person in a lot of ways.  (Why do you think so many people call their cars "she")?  Just like our bodies, your vehicle requires fluids (oil, gas, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, clutch fluid, brake fluid, coolant) and has many parts that wear out and break down over time (brakes, belts, pumps, hoses and all of the above fluids).  Because everything tends to wear out over time, your vehicle manufacturer has created a schedule of things to do to your vehicle and when to do them in order to keep it "healthy." 
We can help you by providing all of the information you need on what to maintain and when to take care of it.  We welcome the opportunity to help you care for that "four-wheeled member of your family."
Call and ask about:
•Brakes and types of brake pads.
•Checking fluid levels (how and when).
•Tire Rotation.
•Tune-Ups:  Major and Minor.
Did you know...
...that your vehicle runs off of either a timing belt or a timing chain? and that is not the belt you see when you open your hood.  The timing components are hidden behind a cover and are not seen when you open the hood, but they are working to keep your engine compression strong so you can get down the road. 
When this belt or chain gets too worn, it will stretch or snap, and your vehicle will immediately come to a stop (all engine compression is lost).  As if this is not bad enough, on some engines, called interference engines, if this happens while you are driving, you will most likely end up with bent valves due to the valve staying open when the belt breaks and getting struck by the piston, which results in a very costly repair.  All of this can be avoided by having your timing belt or chain replaced at suggested intervals. 
Recommended intervals for changing your timing belt or chain vary from vehicle to vehicle.  Examples of recommended service times are anywhere from 50,000 to 90,000 miles.  This is a very technical repair, requiring precise setting of the timing in order to enable compression, and we do not recommend this for beginner mechanics.  We replace timing belts and chains and have 30 years of experience.  Give us a call to discuss maintenance of your vehicle's timing components.   
Please visit our site often, as we will provide more information on how you can keep your vehicle on the road longer.
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